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Smart Journalism

You have the power to provide the real news at the speed of light. Your smart phone is always with you. Just point, shoot and stream live!.

First Visuals

News does not wait for camera, backpack or OBVans. Empower your reporters with FNNLive app and deliver the real news as when it happens.

Switch From Camera to Smartphone

Now use your smart phone with a 3G/4G connection for broadcast and not only Webcast.

Record and Upload On-The-Go

FNNLive Mobile app allows you to upload video to our content management system from wherever you are.

Live Broadcast

Using our service integrate your broadcast infrastructure & reporter with smart phones to receive live video feeds in your News Studio.

Adjustable Quality

Uses dynamic adaptive encoding based on available bandwidth.

Record Broadcast Quality Video

Use the setting tab and record broadcast quality video from your smart phone.

Send Notification to Reporters

Allows broadcasters to send video request notifications to all the reporters in a selected area.

Request for Videos

Broadcasters can make request for videos to the reporters. Reporters will be able to apply with videos to such video request.